Moving Forward – Through It All

Moving Forward – Through It All

As we journey through life, all will have experiences that are not always pleasant.  Just turn on your television and watch the news to see this truth play out before your eyes. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we are seeing on the screen that we begin to take on the problems others as if they were our own.  As if we did not have enough to deal with from day to day. But for those of us who are believers and followers of Jesus Christ, we have the assurance that GOD is working on our behalf in all situations.  We may not always understand the purpose behind our circumstances, but we must hold on to our faith knowing that GOD has our “back”…ALWAYS!!!

Romans 8:28 – “And we know that for those who love GOD all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”

COVID-19 has taught us that we should not take life for granted. We need to appreciate and enjoy even the little things that come our way. So many times, we are not grateful for what we have until it is gone. Let us today show our Heavenly Father our appreciation for the many blessing he has bestowed on us. Let us take the lessons we have learned and use them to be better in the future. 

Listen to the words and enjoy the song “Through it all”, by the late Andre Crouch.

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