Words Of Wisdom

Here you will find a listing of leadership tips and  inspirational saying that I come across from time-to-time…

“A healthy person has many wishes, a sick person only has one. ”

- Indian Proverb

There is more to being a leader than being in charge.

Be careful when calling in fire on your own position. Once the round leaves the barrel of the weapon, you no longer have control of it.

Unfortunately, the truth, in many cases, depends on who gets there first.

Six principles of the Tuskegee Airmen:
1. Aim High
2. Believe in Yourself
3. Use Your Brain
4. Be Ready to Go
5. Never Quit
6. Expect to Win

Be careful how you love things that can't love you back.

Don Harrison, Army Management Staff College

Sometimes with family and friends it is just best just to say..."good answer".

- a Family Feud reference

It is better to give to the one who didn't need that to miss the one who did.

You can't force your "dream" on others.

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