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Leadership & Life Lessons for the rest of us: a commonsense approach is a website for the “leader” that we all have inside us. If you go to your local bookstore or library, you will find at least a couple dozen books on the topic of leadership. Titles such as “On Becoming a Leader” by William Bennis, “The New Art of the Leader” by William A. Cohen, “Good Leaders ask Great Questions” by John C. Maxwell, “The Leadership Lessons of Jesus” by Bob Briner & Ray Pritchard, just to name a few. Each of these books have great tips and insights on what makes an effective leader. Reading the many different views about leadership at times can be overwhelming. This site will take the leadership & life lessons that I’ve learned over the years and put them into terms “for the rest of us”.

New topics will be posted periodically so visit often. In addition to the posting of articles, there will be a section for humor. We must learn to laugh and find humor in the world around us. It is my hope that the site will spark a dialogue with its readers and become a forum to share leadership and life lessons. It is truly a place for the “rest of us” to share ideas and help each other with issues that we come across in our everyday lives.


Minister Hollie is an extremely educated man who has the ability to make you feel like the most special person in the room despite his considerable  gifts. He is a great listener and practical teacher who doesn’t take himself too seriously but takes serving VERY seriously !

Edward Gourdin

Senior Pastor, Faith Connections Ministry

Hollie is wonderful to work with and has exceptional experience in leadership, coaching, and motivation.  He consistently demonstrates a solid dedication for helping others become their best self.

Chuckie Daniel

Small business owner
The easiest two things for a person to be are selfish and inconsiderate. All you have to do is think only of yourself and “not consider” the consequences to others for your actions. Hollie Montgomery Jr. is the antithesis of that statement and a great example of Christlike comportment. He is thoughtful, selfless and considerate. 
As an educator, while always well versed in the subject matter,  he is a listener  and a learner. He is comfortable with questions when they arise, and always willing to look deeper into the topic. While teaching with authority, Hollie has always been present and kind. As a student I find myself always conscious of one of his mantras: “We don’t know what the future holds… But we do know who holds the future”.
He is truly a gift to the body of Christ.

Dale DeGroat

President of Degroat & Murdock Enterprise


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Penny For Your Thoughts

After tucking their three-year-old child Sammy in for bed one night, his parents heard sobbing coming from his room.  Rushing back in, they found him

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The Brown Apple

A four-year-old boy was eating an apple in the back seat of the car, when he asked, “Daddy, why is my apple turning brown?”    “Because,”

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Expectant Fathers

Four expectant fathers were in Minneapolis hospital waiting room, while their wives were in labor. The nurse arrived and announced to the first man, “Congratulations

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Leadership Tips & Inspirational Sayings

Words Of Wisdom

Here you will find a listing of leadership tips and  inspirational saying that I come across from time-to-time… “A healthy person has many wishes, a

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Words Of Wisdom – 2

Here you will find a listing of leadership tips and  inspirational saying that I come across from time-to-time… We’ve all heard the saying “you are

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Words Of Wisdom – 3

Here you will find a listing of leadership tips and  inspirational saying that I come across from time-to-time… “Why Wish Upon A Star When You

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